Prices for the FSF Drawing Guideline

The FSF Drawing Guideline is sold under two license types (versions): as an individual version and as a full version for a company location.

Each license applies to the respective release/edition. New editions require a new order.

Downloading of the ordered edition via this website will be enabled only after receipt of payment to the VERS account.


Sponsors of the DIN-FSF receive a discount

As a sponsor of the DIN Standards Committee Railway (FSF), you receive a 1/3 discount on the costs as per the table below.

In this case, please place a check next to “Sponsor of the DIN Standards Committee Railway (FSF)” in your order form. After receipt of the order, this status must be confirmed by the DIN-FSF.


License type Costs plus 19% VAT Costs for FSF sponsors plus 19% VAT
Single version (for 1 user in the company) 450.00 EUR 300.00 EUR
Full version (for all users of a company location) 900.00 EUR 600.00 EUR