FSF Guideline for drawing up of technical documentation


The “FSF Guideline for drawing up of technical documentation” (FSF Drawing Guideline) is a joint effort of the railway industry and interested parties.

This is not a question of defining new requirements, but rather serves as a guideline that can be utilised to ensure that drawings and parts lists for rail vehicles are created uniformly by selecting they ways existing standards are interpreted or applied.



The purpose of this guideline is to standardise the interface between rail vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, but also with operators, and to define a neutral set of documentation that can be used for the manufacture, maintenance and replacement of a product.


Drawing-guidline reading sample en

The guideline is drawn up in accordance with DIN 820 – Principles in standardisation work – and is updated regularly.

The FSF Drawing Guideline for the Preparation of Technical Documentation consists of two parts in terms of content:

  • Terminology
  • Technical design

The technical requirements were divided into thematic areas and assigned code numbers.

You are welcome to take a look at the extract from our FSF Drawing Guideline